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Transformational Packages

You are running on autopilot, and feel uncertain how to move forwards on your journey.
You know there is more to life, but not sure what is missing.

Maybe you recently said goodbye to a loved one, or perhaps you are stuck in a job that drains you, or facing an empty nest and wondering what's next. You're not alone.

It's time to hit pause and rewrite
your story.

I can guide you through this new chapter, helping you step out of the shadows and into your brightest light.

Imagine your journey being FILLED BY PURPOSE, FUELLED BY FAITH.

Your Conscious Journey Starts Now.

Therapeutic storytelling and counselling with
Mathilda Bowen

Mathilda is a certified Life Coach, Therapeutic Storyteller and Counsellor. Mathilda’s unique approach to supporting others to overcome grief and loss, build confidence and self-worth, cultivates a deep and enduring sense of belonging and identity.

She works intuitively and will be using stories and metaphor to tap into and unblock repeating patterns naturally with ease, meditation and creative teachings, during the sessions. The gap to tread between pain and bliss is uncomfortable and painful, but as you awaken, you will realise that this is part of the process of transformation needed before you can reach the light. You will work at your pace and not hurry any part of the process. You will emerge with a renewed sense of life, love, belonging, clarity and joy.

1% of proceeds will go to aid the work of the charities:
'SUGI' - Forest Makers And Ocean Gardners
'UNTOLD NARRATIVES' - Promotors of writers in areas of conflict and post-conflict, which supports marginalised individuals whose voices cannot otherwise be heard.

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“Mathilda, thank you for sharing your heart and your home, and for facilitating the first of many Conscious Living experiences which will undoubtedly make the world a better place…”

— Wissam Boustany - Teacher, Flutist

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