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1 breakthrough session. 1:1 online. 2.5 hours.

What to expect

A deep dive, intensive session with the opportunity to tell your story perhaps for the first time, in a safe space. You will be given your soul plan which will help you navigate your next steps, as you discover your worldly talents, challenges and goals. You can be the observer of your own story and re-write it with clarity and confidence during the session. What to expect: - Expert support: Receive insightful counselling and transformative coaching to navigate your emotions effectively. - Shift perspectives: Guided meditation to help release old beliefs that may be holding you back. - Clarity and confidence: Gain the mental clarity needed to make decisions and move forward. - Unlock your potential: Discover your inner strength and explore exciting possibilities. - Empower self-care: Develop effective coping mechanisms and self-care practices that match your specific needs to feel empowered on your journey. - Overall well-being: Experience an improved sense of well-being and a life filled with purpose.

Get in touch

If you would like more information or arrange a chat please contact Mathilda 

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