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12 sessions over 90 days. 1:1 online, weekly. 1.5 hours.

What to expect

... MOVE THROUGH THE END OF ONE CYCLE AND INTO A NEW CYCLE WITH EASE. 'SMILE THROUGH TRANSITION' is designed for this specific transitory period. You will transition with a renewed joy, clarity, purpose, confidence, understanding and love of life. ARE YOU EXPERIENCING any of these endings? Loss of a loved one. End of a job or career. End of a marriage or relationship. Transition from Adulthood - Elderhood. End of Mother or Fatherhood, ‘The Empty Nest’. Loss of a pet. Life is one cycle filled with many daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and seasonal cycles. Some are expected and some are not. Some we glide through effortlessly and some we struggle and fall into a dead end, unable to understand what went wrong and how you find your way out again. These endings can leave us feeling deeply bereft and cause us to struggle in other parts of our life, to question our self-worth, value and identity, and our love for life – what was once was a colourful tapestry, may now feel grey and monotone. It is in this transition from an old cycle and into a new one that causes us to look for alternative options and to understand more about ourselves for the first time. It can also be a time of great creation and help us recognise the great potential that lies within and around us. I can support you through this highly vulnerable and sensitive period, by providing a space where there is trust, love and respect. What you will receive: - Inspirations from ‘Nature Calling’, book written by Mathilda, on grief and nature. - Support for your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, with Breathwork, Chi Kung, Meditation and Storytelling. - Coaching and Counselling to help guide you through the transition from darkness to light. - Themes covered: Cycles and Bereavement ~ Acceptance ~ Forgiveness ~ Connection and Community ~ Identity, ‘Who Am I?’ ~ Intuition ~ Gratitude ~ Grounding ~ Action ~ Self-Care ~ Prayer. Optional: A 2-day retreat in Sussex, UK. ‘Immersion and Integration’ in nature. Having completed, 'Smile Through Transition'. Testimonial: "Working with Tilly was like working with my own inner wisdom. She really helped me connect to myself and tap into that inner knowing I have. Her gentle warm encouragement and her wisdom and grace enabled me to understand what I was searching for and create a space for myself to nourish myself." Fleur W

Get in touch

If you would like more information or arrange a chat please contact Mathilda 

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