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'Conscious Journey’ is the concept behind the seed that was planted by Mathilda Bowen, the Founder, who became aware of the need for a healing space when grief or loss on any level - a job, marriage, identity or person, has been experienced and where there is time to grief without shame, guilt or judgement, and the chance to transition into new possibilities and joy.

A little about Mathilda


When my husband was diagnosed with an incurable illness at a young age, a clear path to support and guide him and our young family of two daughters, on this journey of his and ours was laid down. I found myself drawing on the wisdom of ancient teachings, creative arts, stories, and nature to help guide me and make sense of the cycles of human experience.

The healing from his loss was slow and traumatic, but gradually, piece by piece my life and the one of my daughters, has been restored. I have always been led by intuition and faith, and a strong connection with the Divine through prayer and meditation. I have become a certified Therapeutic Storyteller and Counsellor, and a 'Women's-centred' Life coach. I lead others on 'The Bereavement Journey', a national programme and on UK retreats. I continue to strive for knowledge of the seen and unseen.

I have always felt connected to a larger place than what I could visibly see before me. At a young age, I would wander off into nature on the South Downs, UK to play, to imagine and to figure out ‘my’ world. I felt free and had a knowing that there were so many other places unexplored in the physical and non-physical sense. I would step into the world of publishing where imaginary and real stories were told in magazines and books, and where my insatiable need of knowledge and creativity were satisfied. I would travel to SE Asia, N America, and Europe, and cultivate my love of new cultures and places.

I would love to share with you my teachings, and life experiences, and to help guide, support and motivate, wherever you are on your journey, to help find your light and follow your bliss.

Each day is a miracle and one to be explored.

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“Mathilda, thank you for sharing your heart and your home, and for facilitating the first of many Conscious Living experiences which will undoubtedly make the world a better place…”

— Wissam Boustany - Teacher, Flutist

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